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Time management

  • Managing time in a modern era.
  • How to create a potent diary.
  • Designing a diary that will achieve your goals.
  • Stimulus – How to stop ‘busy’ and get important things done.
  • Obligation – Increasing your productivity and focused work.
  • Drive Time – Using time to lead the future.
  • Staying focused in a busy office.
  • Using simple tools like email footers, phone message and others to reduce interruptions.
  • How to help your team mates be effective with their time.

Goals & Achievement 

  • How do you discover what you want?
  • How to reconnect with a goal that you have achieved before?
  • How does a team member embrace a company goal that they didn’t set
  • What do you do when you find yourself giving up on a goal?
  • What is the best way to coach and support a team member to a goal?
  • How do you find the motivation to apply yourself every week?
  • What activity puts us in the best position to achieve our goal?


  • Delegation
  • What creates effective delegation
  • How to delegate when ‘its easier to do it yourself’
  • Having people lift to the standards you set
  • Leading during change
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Getting people to buy into the bigger vision
  • Management styles to try in different situations


  • How to build on the back of a bad year or a bad quarter.
  • It’s already half way through the quarter/year and you are going to miss your targets. Now what?
  • It’s already half way through the quarter/year and you are blitzing your targets. Now what?
  • You met your quarterly/annual targets. But it’s with one client.
  • We just lost a big account. How to re-group.
  • Starting the year with zero on your score sheet.
  • How to command a personal brand that gets you in the door.
  • How do the truly elite sales people approach their craft?
  • Ideas for generating leads and pipeline.
  • Responding to a massive knock back.
  • Assessing if the client is worth all the trouble.
  • Sales skills.
  • Discovering what the customer really wants.
  • Hitting massive targets.
  • Understand your sales cycle.
  • Building rapport.
  • Calculating your sales cycle and speeding it up.
  • The art of having Influence.
  • Using your company vision when pitching.
  • 3 tips for closing a deal.
  • Is this really the right sales strategy?
  • Is the customer really always right?
  • Strategies for how to add one new lead or network connection per week.
  • Firing your customer/client.


  • Finding motivation for a new year.
  • Customising a morning routine that fires you up.
  • Responding to a mid year flat spot.
  • Working out what really motivates you.
  • Recovering from a long period of low drive.
  • Inspiring the people around you without being annoying.
  • Finding your ‘why’.


  • Leading a company or team culture.
  • Designing a culture that achieve your vision.
  • How to address behaviour outside what is acceptable.
  • How to help your workplace be happier and more productive.
  • Accountability.
  • Integrity.
  • Excellence.
  • Consistency.
  • Fun.
  • Quality.
  • Responsibility.
  • Confidence.
  • Representing your brand.
  • Pride.


  • How do elite teams really work?
  • How do you make your team an elite team?
  • How do we get everyone on the same page?
  • How do elite teams communicate?
  • Practical ways to create more team work.
  • Becoming a resilient team.
  • Getting on message as a team about a bad PR or client experience.
  • Last week we lost a key team member. Overwhelm is setting in.

High Performance

  • Defining what High Performance is for you and your team.
  • Mindset for increasing performance.
  • Lifting your standards.
  • Breaking a performance ceiling.
  • How to respond to huge amounts of performance pressure.
  • Delivering on what you are really capable of
  • The seven conversation that lead to high performance.
  •  Vision – What do we ultimately want to create?
  •  Belief – What would we need to believe to deliver the vision?
  •  Skill – What skill would we need to be have to deliver the vision?
  •  Motive – What motive would drive us to the vision, even in tough times?
  •  Team – Who do we need in our team to deliver the vision?
  •  Nature – If we did it our way, how would we go about it?
  •  Identity – What type of person or team would deliver this vision.
  • Staying sane and reaching goals when there are not enough resources.
  • Assessing a failure.
  • Responding to a failure.
  • How to stay up after sustained success for a long time.
  • How do you stay hungry when it gets tough?
  • Delivering when it is most important.
  • Working to your strengths.
  • Mastering your daily habits.
  • Creating a peer group that hold you to a high standard.
  • How to not panic when presenting.
  • Dramatically increasing your skill.
  • Why do we panic under pressure? And what to do instead.
  • The financing or investment has come through. Time to re-group.
  • This might not work. But sometimes you have to try.
  • Deciding on some key performance indicators.
  • Learning how to say no.

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“The MicroLibrary is an incredible resource to have in my leadership training toolbox.
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Highly recommend.”
Ben Club Central
Ben Williamson
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“This tool was a game changer for us. Suddenly I could fire specific knowledge and solutions to people
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“More than a thousand have climbed Everest, very few can do what Mark Dobson does.
He is a master of innovation.”
Matt Targett
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“Mark’s way gets people excited by the change and always concludes with clear fix to the problem.
In my view it is indeed a rare gift. In all of my corporate experience Mark is truly one of a kind.”
Ananada Subbiah
VP, Global Strategic Engagement, Telarix

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