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On the back of our conversation with the team, I selected some videos that will give everyone a solid starting point. 

In the first part of the page, everyone received video specific to their questions. For example, John has about 5 vids on time management and the one on saying ‘No’. While Amanda has more on the topic of developing key people. 

I gave Philipe some resources but primarily suggested we chat so I can understand the subtleties of what he needs.

Everyone also received a personal message like this one.

Further down the page are videos that are topical for the whole team. We will discuss aspects of those when we all get together next meeting.  I said in peoples messages “If you are not inspired to check them out just yet, no problem. Just do what is helpful.” 

You and I can talk more obviously.

I did select three videos for you so that you can experience the custom aspect the others are experiencing.



Content Specific for you:

Time Management & Boundaries

Learning how to say ‘No’

Leadership & Team

Practical ways to create team work.

Leadership styles for different situations.

For the Whole Executive Team:

Note: Just look at the videos you are curious about. This is not homework. Choose your own adventure.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations With Staff

Developing Your Ability and That in Key People

#Engagement #2IC #CareerProgression #Feedback 

Dramatically Increasing Your Skill – Explained in 2 minutes

Dramatically Increasing Your Skill 

– Expanded on and designed for your teams viewing.

Sample Performance Ladder:

Sample Performance Ladder:

Sample Performance Ladder:

Delegation & Developing Your Key People

This is the essence of delegation for leaders.

What creates effective delegation that allows for initiative?

How to delegate when it’s easier to do it yourself.

Remember that if you don’t take an action,
nothing changes.