The leader’s guide to creating teams that exceed expectation.

How to be everywhere at once.

The leader’s guide
to Creating Teams that exceed expectations


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How to be EveryWhere at Once

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Within the first ten minutes of listening you will see that what you want from your team is possible, and with less effort. 

The classic tools that are thought to help a leader scale their impact do not work! At all!

  • Job descriptions
  • WIP meetings
  • Shadowing
  • Team training

They don’t work. There is a missing piece, several actually.

For 25 years I have advised CEO’s, business owners and leader’s around the globe on scaling the performance of their people. I truly understand how to create world class performance and the essence of it is outlined in 30 minute this audio.

Give it 5 minutes and if it’s crap then throw it out. If its good though, then the possibilities are endless.

About Our Micro Library Expert

Mark Dobson has been advising elite performers from every sphere for 25 years – true outliers; CEOs, world champions and pioneers. 

His corporate clients, such as the big four banks, Energy Australia, Finstra, MotorOne, FleetPartners and Specialised Bicycles have seen company-wide improvements in efficiency, morale and results.

While the Early College Mark was a founding member of in New York City was praised by former President Barack Obama for its educational innovation.

Elite COmpanies That Engage Mark


what the Elite Say:

Mark's way gets people excited by the change and always concludes with clear fix to the problem. It is indeed a rare gift. In all of my corporate experience Mark is truly one of a kind.

Ananada Subbiah
VP - Global Strategic Engagement - Telarix

Mark has been my advisor for over a decade. In that time I won World Championship Gold and medals at 2 Olympics. Many have climbed Everest, very few can do what he does. He is a master of innovation.

Matt Targett
World Champion Swimmer and Olympian

This tool was a game changer for us. Suddenly I could fire specific knowledge and solutions to people the moment they asked for it. Our people felt resourced and the business kept moving as a result.

Ryan Doughty
Owner of The Summit

Mark has a clear understanding of the mind-set that is required in order to gain the edge needed for optimal performance.

Ian Pope - Australian Olympic Swimming Coach 

Coach of Hackett, Klim, Welsh, Rooney & others.

Mark’s extended work includes over 100 Performance Video for leaders with teams. The “How to Be Everywhere At Once” content is just one small part.