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The 7 Conversations that lead to high performance

The 7 Conversations that lead to high performance



Conversation 1: Vision
What do we ultimately want to create?

Conversation 2: Belief
What would you ‘need’ to believe?

Conversation 3: Skill
What skill would be required to deliver the vision?

Conversation 4: Motive
What motive would drive us in tough times?

Conversation 5: Team
Who do we need in the team?

Conversation 6: Nature
If we did it our way, how would we do it?

Conversation 7: Identity
What type of person would deliver this vision?


Specific aspects of performance:

Defining what ‘High Performance’
is for you and your team

How do you
lift your standards?

The mindset
for Performance

Responding to huge amounts
of performance pressure

Delivering on what you are
already capable of

Staying sane and reaching goals
when under resourced

a failure

to a failure

Staying up after a long period
of sustained success

Delivering your best when it
is most important

How do you
work to your strengths?

Mastering your
daily habits

Creating a peer group that
holds you to a higher standard

How to not panic
when presenting

How to dramatically
increase your skill

The financing or investment
has come through, now what?

how to say ‘No’

Deciding on your 
key performance indicators

This may not work but sometimes you have to try
– you have to innovate

Breaking a
performance ceiling

Inspiring people
without being annoying

bonus Videos if you want to know more

“The Zone”

Managing big egos
on Grand Final Day

The skill of 
continuing to believe.

Remember, if you don’t take action,
nothing changes