Performance Series




Performance Series

This series is designed to resource a leader with bite-size insights into performance. They apply to the macro level of leadership – guiding the entire company or team, and to the micro level – giving team members specific tools they can use for their personal performance.

Videos Include:

  1. Defining what High Performance is for you and your team.
  2. Mindset for increasing performance.
  3. Lifting your standards.
  4. Breaking a performance ceiling.
  5. How to respond to huge amounts of performance pressure.
  6. Delivering on what you are really capable of.
  7. The seven conversations that lead to high performance.
  8. Vision – What do we ultimately want to create?
  9. Belief – What would we need to believe to deliver the vision?
  10. Skill – What skill would we need to be able to deliver the vision?
  11. Motive – What motive would drive us to the vision, even in tough times?
  12. Team – Who do we need in our team to deliver the vision?
  13. Nature – If we did it our way, how would we go about it?
  14. Identity – What type of person or team would deliver this vision?
  15. Staying sane and reaching goals when there are not enough resources.
  16. Assessing a failure.
  17. Responding to a failure.
  18. How to stay up after sustained success for a long time.
  19. How do you stay hungry when it gets tough?
  20. Delivering when it is most important.
  21. Working to your strengths.
  22. Mastering your daily habits.
  23. Creating a peer group that hold you to a high standard.
  24. How to avoid panic when presenting.
  25. Dramatically increasing your skill.
  26. Why do we panic under pressure? And what to do instead.
  27. The financing or investment has come through. Time to re-group.
  28. This might not work, but sometimes you have to try.
  29. Deciding on some key performance indicators.
  30. Learning how to say no.