How to build on the back of 
a bad quarter or year?

#Perfromance #Mindset #EliteSales

What to do now...

Remember, if you don’t take an action, nothing changes.

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Other Videos In This Series:

  1. How to build on the back of a bad year or a bad quarter
  2. It’s already half way through the quarter/year and you are going to miss your targets. Now what?
  3. It’s already half way through the quarter/year and you are blitzing your targets. Now what?
  4. You met your quarterly/annual targets. But it’s with one client…
  5. We just lost a big account. How to re-group.
  6. Starting the year with zero on your score sheet
  7. How to command a personal brand that gets you in the door.
  8. How do the truly elite sales people approach their craft?
  9. Ideas for generating a leads and pipeline.
  10. Responding to a massive knock back.
  11. Assessing if the client is worth all the trouble.
  12. Sales skills
  13. Discovering what the customer really wants
  14. Hitting massive targets
  15. Understand your sales cycle
  16. Building rapport
  17. Calculating your sales cycle and speeding it up.
  18. The art of having Influence
  19. Using your company vision when pitching
  20. 3 Tips for closing a deal
  21. Is this really the right sales strategy?
  22. Is the customer really always right?
  23. Strategies for how to add one new lead or network connection per week.
  24. Firing your customer/client.

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