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About Our Micro Library Expert

Mark Dobson has been advising elite performers from every sphere for 25 years – true outliers; CEOs, world champions and pioneers. 

His corporate clients, such as the big four banks, Energy Australia, Finstra, MotorOne, FleetPartners and Specialised Bicycles have seen company-wide improvements in efficiency, morale and results.

While the Early College Mark was a founding member of in New York City was praised by former President Barack Obama for its educational innovation.

Elite COmpanies That Engage Mark



Mark was a founding member of Bard High School Early College in NYC that fast tracked students by two academic years.

Itr was acknowledged by President Obama for its innovation and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation founded another 63 Colleges modelled on this project.

Mark’s role was to build a performance culture which is still very evident there today. 


Mark had the respect of the playing group because of his work with world class athletes.

Gary Ayres - 5 x AFL Premiership Player

Mark worked with Gary’s players the year they the played the perfect season. Zero losses.


Ananda had 7000 staff when he was at Hewlett Packard.

He has negotiated 2, one billion dollar deals.

His present sales target is 3 billion dollars.



Mark has been my advisor for over a decade.
He is a master of Provoking Elite Performance in teams and individuals.
My medals hang around his neck too.

Matt Targett - World Champion and Olympic Medalist


Tansel Ali

Memorised The Sydney Yellow Pages… with books!

“I know the Micro Library is having an impact when our GM heads in to my office and asks if I’ve got a video to help deliver a message”.

Ben Williamson
Executive Manager - Human Resources - Club Central



Olympic Medalist

World Champion

Mark advised him for a decade.

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