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Hey Walshs Leadership Team,

Unfortunately our PD has been delayed due to border restriction. However, the series of videos here will still be a valuable resource for you.

In the first section there are videos and some PDFs that I suggest you watch. These apply to all leaders.

In the second section there are videos on topics that may be specific to your interests to your challenges or growth areas. Explore as suits.

I’ll still see you soon enough.



Key Leadership Content:

Leadership & Team

The Essence Of Leadership

Leadership styles for different situations.

Synergy In Your Team

Practical ways to create team work.

Leadership styles for different situations.

Extended PD Options:

Note: Just look at the videos you are curious about. This is not homework. Choose your own adventure.

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations With Staff

Learning how to say ‘No’

Developing Your Ability and That in Key People

#Engagement #2IC #CareerProgression #Feedback 

Dramatically Increasing Your Skill

 – Explained in 2 minutes

Dramatically Increasing Your Skill 

– Expanded on and designed for your teams viewing.

Sample Performance Ladder:

Sample Performance Ladder:

Sample Performance Ladder:

Delegation & Developing Your Key People

This is the essence of delegation for leaders.

What creates effective delegation that allows for initiative?

How to delegate when it’s easier to do it yourself.

Remember that if you don’t take an action,
nothing changes.