Leading The Rebuild




This video series is designed to supercharge your ability to lead wisely during the recovery and is priced only to cover our costs.

Part 1 includes 6 videos on leading the rebuild:

  • How to plan when the playing field keeps moving.
  • What to say to your team so they can get back to their best (or better), fast.
  • Revisiting and adjusting your business strategy and products.
  • Getting your finances back on track.
  • Master your personal mindset, so you are a beacon, consistently.
  • Redesigning your business so it is better than it was.
  • Plus others we have planned.

Part 2 is delivered progressively over the next 2 months:

  • 6-10 videos.
  • Customised to the economic and health climate.
  • Send in your questions and they will be included in videos.
  • Videos specifically designed to show to your team.